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    The logo for National Credit Guarantee Scheme is in a letter mark concept accompanied by full Dzongkha name at the top and with English name at the base. With bilingual names of the agency clearly depicted, it promotes inclusiveness and impartiality among the general public.

    Along with the basic abbreviation of the name of the organization, ‘NCGS’ for National Credit Guarantee Scheme, it features some traditional features of a golden jewel-holding mongoose and a white Norbu enclosed in the letter ‘C’.

    The base color of turquoise green reflects wealth, stability, growth and hope. The golden jewel-holding mongoose conveys the traditional aspect of the wealth while the gold color depicts the preciousness and value of the credit scheme. The white color of Norbu within the letter ‘C’ indicates security and assurance from the scheme. It also reflects the purity of the intent of the scheme which would benefit the citizens at large without any partiality.

    In general, the logo is easy to adapt without complicated elements that would ensure affordable branding for the agency. It only features only two colors excluding two other neutral colors – black and white. It would be easy for the public to distinguish from other logos which generally contain the most common traditional symbols and motifs.

    Green Base color

    The base color of NCGS is a turquoise green. It is primarily associated with wealth and stability. It also indicates life, growth, self-reliance and sustainability. This conveys the benefits of a credit guarantee scheme which would ultimately nurture individuals to be independent and sustainable. Collectively, independent and stable individuals would ensure the self-reliant economy of the country at large. As green is also a color of spring, it also reflects the renewal of hopes and positivity among the general public who would avail of this national scheme.

    Golden Jewel-holding Mongoose

    The logo features a mongoose with a jewel in its mouth. This relates the logo to the traditional aspect of the god of wealth, Zambalha. It shows assurance of continuity of blessings and protection of the wealth. The mongoose on the edge of the letter ‘C’ also indicates the risk involved if we do not manage our wealth wisely. The color of mongoose in gold reflects the preciousness of wealth.

    White Norbu

    The interlocked white Norbu within the letter ‘C’ reflects security and assurance from the scheme. The white color also reflects purity and perfection. This also conveys the neutrality and impartiality of the NCGS while executing its mandates to fulfill the national goals and objectives.