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    What is NCGS?

    An economic response to COVID-19 

    The National Credit Guarantee Scheme is a demonstration of the government’s will to kickstart economic revival in line with the four major trust areas- boost exports, substitute imports, encourage innovation and green technology and generating employment. Supporting Ideas into Reality.

    Supporting Ideas into Reality

    It is an intervention of the Government that should motivate the private sector to initiate economic activities that will stimulate the economy, create jobs and enhance productivity.

    Why NCGS?

    • Because we acknowledge that there are many business ideas that can diversify and make the economy more resilient.
    • Because we cognize that fact that all business ideas do not have collateral support to access financing.
    • Because we believe that the origin of the business idea will best be realized if implemented by that individual.

    How will NCGS be Implemented?

    • The government will provide Guarantees to the participating banks to enable lending.
    • NCGS shall cover loans not exceeding Nu. 30 Million by way of term loans.
    • Debt to Equity Ratio under the NCGS shall be  90:10, which is significantly lower than the existing 75:25.
    • The Guarantee shall be limited to the debt financing of the project.